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Veterans Claims

The Veterans Compensation system is designed to compensate veterans with a discharge that is other than dishonorable for injuries that arose out of their time in the service. These claims can include both mental and physical injuries.

Art Gage has been practicing in the workers compensation and Social Security areas of law since 1984 in Tucson Arizona. In approximately 2007, they changed the law to allow attorneys to practice in the area of veterans claims and get paid. Since approximately 2008 he has been taking veterans cases. A lot of the causation issues are similar to workers compensation claims. A lot of the forms and practice are similar to what Social Security uses in the processing of their claims. All three of these areas of practice fall under administrative law. Since taking cases Art joined NOVA which Is the National Organization of Veterans Advocates. He has gone to several of their conferences. He has also worked with several service officers from different organizations concerning proving claims.

Jennifer works in our office as a veteran's paralegal and she is currently studying for the Veteran's Service Officer Exam.

How It Works

The VA provides a system that will compensate veterans for service related injuries. When a claim is filed with your local regional office they will process the claim. The closest regional office to Tucson is in Phoenix. The VA has a duty to assist you in getting records concerning your service and medical condition. This does not mean that you should totally rely upon them to work up your case. I strongly urge you to talk with an attorney or trained service officer concerning your claim. Once you get a decision, you have a year to file a notice of disagreement. Once the notice of disagreement is processed, you will get another decision which you can then request a hearing in front of the Board of Veterans Appeals. These cases can take a long time to process. It therefore is important that you contact an attorney early in the claim to get the case properly worked up as soon as possible. You can also reopen a claim if you have new evidence that could support your case.

Veterans Representatives are compensated based off a percentage of the past due benefits they are able to obtain for you. Usually the fees are 20% of whatever past due money compensation the Veteran is entitled to. In other words from the date of your filing the claim until the date the case is won, the fee would come from 20% of whatever those benefits total. There are also costs which are in addition to the fee. These are usually not that high.

We offer free consultations about your case. Please fill out our information submit form above and we will contact you to speak with you further You are also welcome to call our office at 520-881-8300 or 866-668-4097 and set up a free consultation either over the phone or in person. Our address is 2573 N. 1st Ave., Tucson, AZ. We are located about one block north of Grant and First Avenue in Tucson Arizona on the west side of the street.  We also take cases all over the country concerning Veterans claims. Regardless of whether you live in Arizona, please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your claim.

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